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Board Meeting Highlights-November 2013

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  • Posted by: Eva Workman |
  • 11/14/13

The San Juan School Board met on Tuesday, November 12, 2013 at Monticello High School in Monticello, UT. Prior to the meeting the Board took a tour of the new Elementary school being constructed in Monticello, then returned to the high school for the Board Meeting. The meeting began at 3:00 p.m. and adjourned around 8:30 p.m. Here is an outline of the major points of the meeting:

School Reports: Reports were given by Shelly Thayn of La Sal Elementary, and Julie Holt of Monticello Elementary. Both highlighted the achievements and challenges of their schools.

Policies:  The district is in the process of re-tooling their policy manual. Under attorney advice, the district will simplify the policy, and attach procedures that are detailed. This process has just begun.

Emergency Response Plans: Kit Mantz has assisted the schools with the development of emergency response plans, which are required by the state. Those plans were presented and approved, and will now be updated periodically. 

School Year Calendars: The Board decided at a previous meeting to approve 2 years’ worth of school year calendars every year. The 2014-15 and 2015-16 calendars were presented for approval. However, due to a request that Veteran’s Day be designated as a holiday, the Board requested that the district draft some possible calendars including that holiday and present them at the next meeting for discussion.

Parent Plan Policy/UCA: Student Services Director Lynnette Johnson presented an updated Parent Plan Policy and the UCA plan for approval. The Board approved the UCA plan, but determined that the Parent Plan Policy needs further editing, and will be reviewed as part of the overall policy review.

Personnel Requests:  Kester Tapaha was granted a leave of absence for the remainder of the school year.

UEN Board: Recently, Superintendent Doug Wright was appointed to the Utah Education Network Board. He will be expected to attend 5-6 meetings per year.

Priority School List for the State of Utah: The state recently released the preliminary list of priority schools. Five of the schools in the district were on that list. The Board discussed how to deal with this situation.


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