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Board Meeting Summary: December 11, 2012

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  • Posted by: Eva Workman |
  • 12/14/12

The San Juan School Board met on Tuesday, December 11, 2012 at the District Office in Blanding. The meeting began at 2:00 p.m. and adjourned around 9:30 p.m. Here is an outline of the major points of the meeting:

School Reports: Reports were given by the following schools:

-Blading Elementary-Mark Burge, Principal

-Albert R Lyman Middle School- Kim Bailey, Principal

-San Juan High School-Bob Peterson, Principal

Business Administrator Contract Renewal:  Business Administrator Clayton Holt’s Contract was renewed for an additional two years. Clayton was praised for the outstanding work he does in overseeing all business functions of the district.  

Utah Consolidated Application Approval: Lynnette Johnson presented the needs assessment and highlights of the plan for the academic programs within the district. She reviewed the district goals in academics, positive behavior support, and coaching to improve academic achievement. 

Policies: Two policies were reviewed and approved on a second and final reading:

-Policy 1145  - Fundraising Policy

-Policy 4120 – Recruitment

The Monticello High School Washington DC trip: Lynda Boyle, Monticello High Social Studies teacher and new advisor for the DC trip, provided details of the proposed trip for students which included cost breakdown.  She noted that students had to apply to be considered for this trip and that fundraising will be used to off-set some of the cost. The Board approved the trip.

Explore/Plan test data:  Superintendent Doug Wright presented and explained the results of the two tests that are part of the ACT testing series which was administered this fall.  The Explore test is for 8th grade students and the Plan test is for 10th graders.  Results showed English, Reading, Math, Science, Composite scores. This data will be used to help identify areas where curriculum may need to be enhanced and will assist greatly in standardizing curriculum across the district. 

San Juan High Library Re-build: The board reviewed the floor plan for the update and re-build of the San Juan High School library.   Because the old heating/cooling system would be expensive and difficult to replace, the district will install modern roof top units in the affected area of the building. Most of the remainder of the affected area will be restored to its former condition prior to the fire.  It is anticipated that three classrooms will be back in service following the Holiday Break and the other affected areas no later than the beginning of next school year.  

Monticello Elementary Construction: The bids have been opened for the new Monticello Elementary school and are currently being analyzed for duplicity and other concerns. Once the analysis is complete the winner bidders will be determined and plans for the beginning of construction will move forward.

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