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Board Meeting Summary: February 2013

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  • Posted by: Eva Workman |
  • 2/13/13

The San Juan School District Board Meeting was held on Tuesday, February 12th at Whitehorse High School. The meeting began at 3:00 p.m. At the beginning of the meeting, Superintendent Doug Wright gave a presentation to the board about the district’s focus on the schools which have been identified by the State as being either Focus or Priority Schools due to low academic achievement.  Recently, three of these schools (Montezuma Creek Elementary, Monument Valley High, and Whitehorse High). were assessed by outside evaluating teams to help them develop a plan to improve the student’s success rate. The Superintendent discussed with the findings of those studies and expressed his belief that dramatic actions may be necessary to turnaround these schools. 

At 7:00 p.m., the board heard reports from the following:

  1. May Kelewood from the office of Martha Shelly, First Lady of the Navajo Nation. She outlined the current youth projects they are working on including a Juniors and Seniors day on March 20th for Whitehorse High School.
  2. Montezuma Creek Elementary Principal Boyd Silversmith presented to the board his school’s current challenges and successes. He outlined their Focus Report results, and what the school is doing to meet the goals that were set by the Focus Group.
  3. Whitehorse High School Principal John Fahey also gave a presentation to the board on his school. He outlined the steps the school is taking to achieve success in their school. He also shared with the board their focus plan.
  4. Monument Valley High School Principal Pat Seltzer presented to the board their Focus Plan results.

After presentations, the board moved on to action items. The approved several items, including:

  1. Board travel requests
  2. The student fee schedule for 2013-14
  3. The suggestion that the district submit a letter to the Federal Fish and Wildlife office regarding the Sage Grouse endangered issue. This letter will be drafted within the next week or two and sent to board members for signature.
  4. The board approved March 29th and May 24th as the makeup days for San Juan High. These days are to make up for the two that were missed due to the library fire in November 2012.  The State Board of Education rule mandates that school be in session 180 days.
  5. An easement on some property owned by the district in Blanding, to enable a citizen to put in a sewer line for his new home. However, the board approved the easement with the proviso that it be granted only for maintenance of underground utilities.
  6. A Guaranteed Maximum Price Contract with Hughes General Contractors for the new Monticello Elementary School.

After the action items, the Board reviewed:

  1. Capital projects, which included the progress on the rebuild of the San Juan High Library. The roof on the library is completed, and the classrooms affected by the fire will be moved back into over Spring Break, and the library should be ready and fully-functional by the end of the school year.
  2. The proposed schedule for board meetings for the 2013-14 school year. Board members requested several changes to the proposed schedule, and will approve it at the next meeting if it meets their expectations.
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