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Board Meeting Summary: January 15, 2013

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  • Posted by: Eva Workman |
  • 1/22/13

The San Juan School Board had their monthly meeting on Tuesday, January 15th. The meeting was held at Monticello High School, from 2:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Here are the highlights of that meeting:

  1. Board Members Bill Boyle, Merri Shumway and Debbie Christiansen were sworn in by Business Administrator Clayton Holt. These members were re-elected in the recent election.
  2. The Board reorganized its leadership. Bill Boyle was elected as School Board President, and Debbie Christiansen was elected Vice President. A big thank you for his excellent service for the past four years goes out to Nelson Yellowman.
  3. Sherriff Rick Eldredge visited with the Board about the possibility of establishing School Resource Officers throughout the district. He has been working with the Navajo Nation to cross deputize his officers and Navajo Nation Police in order to provide better coverage throughout the county.  He discussed how he could support the Navajo Nation SRO services in the school located on or within the reservation and asked if the district would be able to help with the funding to provide at least part-time SROs for the schools where the Navajo Nation does not have jurisdiction. The Board agreed that this would be beneficial to the district and would explore the possibilities.
  4. The Board reviewed the recently completed assessment studies conducted at Montezuma Creek Elementary, Whitehorse High, and Monument Valley High. Detailed plans of improvement are currently being developed by teams form these schools and will be presented to the Board next month. The Board was also informed of the District’s progress on establishing a district-wide curriculum that will also help improve these schools.
  5. A report was given by Monticello Elementary Principal Julie Holt and her faculty. The presentation was well done and provided a glimpse into the success that MES is having with student achievement. Each of the teaching staff shared with the Board their efforts to reach their PLC goals.
  6. The Board approved San Juan High School’s request to amend their School Land Trust application. They asked to move $1,000 from supplies and travel to salaries in order to cover a stipend for a teacher who is administering the tests at SJH. The Board approved the change.
  7. The Board held the annual Impact Aid Hearing. The district’s Impact Aid application was reviewed after which comments were taken from community members and Indian Education Committee members on how education could be improved in our district. It was a productive conversation and plans are already in place to address issues that were brought up in the hearing.
  8. The next Board Meeting is scheduled for February 12, 2013 at Whitehorse High School.
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