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New Principal named at Monument Valley High School

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  • Posted by: Eva Workman |
  • 5/20/13

On May 14, 2013, the San Juan School District Board of Education approved Dr. Sylvia McMillan as the new principal for Monument Valley High School.  Dr. Douglas E. Wright, Superintendent of Schools, stated, “we are very pleased that the District was able to hire a highly-qualified candidate to fill the Monument Valley High School principal position and we believe that Dr. McMillan will be an outstanding educational leader for the school.” 

Dr. Sylvia McMillan has a Ph.D in Educational Leadership and has over three decades of leadership experience in various business and educational settings making her an excellent selection for this position.  Dr. McMillan has worked as an Educational Consultant and as a Director for both a K-8 Charter school and a K-12 private boarding school.   She has been the Educational Director for the “Rising Star Outreach of India” program and “Care for Life” program in Mozambique.  She was a teacher of World History and English in several schools.  In addition to her education experiences, she has been a production manager for both Apple Computer and Omega Media and has done a significant amount of volunteer work for various organizations. 

We welcome Dr. McMillan to Monument Valley High School and the San Juan School District.

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