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Employment Opportunities

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To complete the application process for a certified teaching, administrative, or counseling position you must have an account with Teachers-Teachers.com.

All teaching applicants must currently hold or be eligible for a Utah teaching license. Contact the Utah State Office of Education for information on out-of-state applications (801.538.7751 or go to their website)

Classified Positions are not eligible for any benefits.

If you are applying for a classified position, please click here to read our instructions for filling out and sending in a writeable .pdf form.

To complete the application process for a classified position please submit the following:

  1. San Juan School District classified application (click here to access writeable .pdf application form)
  2. Resume
  3. Copies of any licenses held that are relevant to the position
  4. Proof of highly qualified status for paraprofessionals (transcripts showing a minimum of 48 semester hours, degree diploma or para-professional assessment with passing results)

Applications will be accepted by email or postal mail. Faxed applications will be accepted to expedite the process with eh original mailed items as a follow-up.

If you are sending your items via postal mail, please send all applications to:
Matt Keyes | San Juan School District | 200 North Main | Blanding, UT 84511

If you are sending your items digitally, please email them to Matt Keyes at mkeyes@sjsd.org or fax (Attention Matt Keyes) using 435.678.1829

Questions? If you have any questions regarding these positions for the process, please contact Matt Keyes (435.678.1215 or email)

NOTE: All applications are kept until December 31 of the current year; if you wish your application to remain active after that date, you must contact the Human Resource office. It is your responsibility to notify the Human Resource office of the positions for which you wish your application to be considered.

It is our policy, after identifying an available position, to screen all qualifying applications and resumes. Then a committee is assigned to interview selected candidates before hiring. You will be contacted further if you are to be included in that process. The more complete the information available to us, the better your chances will be to be selected for an interview. Thus, teaching credentials, placement files, transcripts, documentation of teaching experience, evaluations, and references are very helpful.

San Juan School District is an Equal Opportunity and ADA Employer. These vacancies have been advertised following district employment guidelines and guidelines. The district's Native American Hiring Policy shall have full force and effect, giving preference to qualified Native Americans.

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