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Student Services

Announcements:  There are not any announcements currently. Check back later.
The Student Services Department mission is to
"Provide academic and behavioral support for all students by:
  1. promoting school-wide reform plans
  2. providing supplemental program support to schools
  3. removing barriers to student success
  4. ensuring equitable access to State Standards
  5. promoting culturally responsive curriculum and Heritage      Language Instruction
  6. supporting English language proficiency
  7. coordinating and disseminating resources to support      students and their families"
A wide range of programs and resources are available through Student Services.
Student Services Director Lynnette Johnson   435-678-1227
Student Services Secretary    Sherry Eldredge 435-678-1210
Bilingual Director Clayton Long 435-678-1251
Bilingual Secretary Celeste Dayish 435-678-1316
Youth in Custody Tamara Barton 435-678-1271
Media Center Rebecca Stoneman   435-678-1230
Media Center Karen Bronson   435-678-1231