Montezuma Creek Elementary
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Academic Programs

Reading - Imagine It!

Imagine It! Reading program is designed to teach all five areas of reading:  Phonemic Awareness, Explicit Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary, and Comprehension.   Students will begin instruction in these key areas as early as Pre-Kindergarten so they understand not just how to read and write, but the meaning and purpose of what they are learning.  The program is designed to lay the foundation for reading skills, provide practice readings to increase confidence, allow for teaches to assess student progress on a regular basis, provide challenge reading and tutoring opportunities, provide guidance in the Inquiry Method, teach children to question, investigate and explore reading topics, provide writing strategies, as well as providing reading selections across multiple genres.  The technology component includes games, and practice readings for children to continue learning on their own time.  Teachers also have access to web resources that provide them with better ways to plan and execute lessons, and use reading as a bridge builder to the other core academic subjects.  Parents are encouraged to become active in their child’s reading and writing instruction with the parent links on the Imagine It website.  The reading supplements for at-home learning are great ways to increase student learning or challenge them to reach higher goals. 


Math - enVisionMATH

enVisionMATH Common Core has been designed from intense research findings to target specific needs and provide accurate results. The authors include experts who helped shape the Common Core State Standards that Utah and most other states are adopting as their official curriculum standards.  The pacing of this program had been designed to allow for an increased amount of depth in each specific unit and lessons material, so teachers have more time to teach for understanding.  The program develops conceptual understanding through daily Problem-Based Interactive Learning and step-by-step Visual Learning and uses bar diagram models to help students make sense of the problem and become better problem solvers.


Cultural Programs

Heritage Language Program

The Navajo language is an essential element of life, culture, and the identity of the Navajo people and is important in the preservation and perpetuation of the language for the survival of the Navajo Nation.  The Heritage language program was developed to help students gain knowledge, understanding and respect for the Navajo culture, history, civics, science, and social studies through the study of the Navajo language, in accordance with the Navajo Nation standards and those of the San Juan School District.