Monticello Elementary
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About Us

Monticello Elementary School is located in the beautiful city of Monticello, Utah. Our elevation is approximately 7,000 feet and the community rests at the base of the Abajo Mountains. Monticello has the only three color traffic light for 60 miles in any direction. Our community of approximately 2,000 people is located 50 miles south of Moab, Utah, 25 miles from Colorado, and 60 miles from the Four Corners. 

Monticello Elementary has 320 of the best students in Utah! Our staff consists of 15 certified teachers.  Together they have more than 260 years of experience!  Their passion for teaching combined with their love of the children and their dedication to helping everyone learn at high levels has enabled our school to be very successful.  In addition to our highly qualified and certified teachers, we have a team of highly qualified para-professionals supporting student learning though intervention, extension, special education, PE, fine arts, computer instruction, library, and ELD intervention.   Our secretaries, cooks, and custodians are amazing and they work hard to keep us organized, fed, comfortable, and safe. 

We take pride in our school mascot, the "Buckaroo".  Our school colors are orange and black.  We love to show our school spirit by dressing up in orange and black every Friday and supporting Monticello High School activities.

Let's go Bucks!


                                                                         MES...Our Kids, Our Future!

MES students and staff are off to a fantastic start this year!  We are excited to learn, explore and have fun together. I have the privilege of spending time in our classrooms every day.  I am continually impressed with the commitment to learning that each staff member shows through their efforts in daily planning, skillful teaching and individual support for every child.  We have an excellent staff that diligently works together to help every child feel successful.   It is a rewarding experience to witness teachers focused on content area learning, engagement, and mastery teaching while students show evidence of growth by challenging themselves to reaching their academic and behavioral goals. 

Our top priorities this year are based upon our current proficiency levels in our academic and behavioral data.  We believe that in order for us to reach our goals of 90% or higher proficiency levels in math, science, and language we must target the essentials and teach to mastery.  Our school has taken on the challenge to increase FOCUS in our content, implement more RIGOR in best practices and measure MASTERY for all students.  Our Professional Learning Community teams are working together to analyze ongoing student data on a weekly basis.  We are becoming more proficient in collecting evidence of learning and involving students in the data analysis process. 

While our language arts and mathematics data hover around 90% proficient, our science remains at 78% proficient.  We have a staff goal to maintain our language arts and math percentages at 90% or better while bringing our science proficiency levels up to 90% this year.  We have made targeted efforts to analyze our science core and are in the process of unwrapping standards and creating curriculum maps for our science content.  We look forward to incorporating lots of hands-on, explicit science lessons into our daily schedules. 

MES students and staff spent the first week in September reviewing all of our school procedures, rules and routines.  We explicitly taught our school motto, “I will be safe, respectful and successful” (SRS Week). We practice what it means to be safe, respectful and successful in all aspects of learning.  We also incorporated our Emergency Preparedness Week into our SRS Week.  All staff and students learned and practiced all emergency drill routines throughout this week.  To date, we are proud to mention that our school-wide current behavioral referral count for August and September is only six total minor referrals.  This is approximately thirty less than August and September of 2012.  We celebrated our SRS and Emergency Preparedness Week with a water party highlighting our Monticello City Fire Truck!

We have enjoyed some fun and busy times at MES this month including student body elections, PTA Book Fair and Math Facts Day.  While students are learning in class our teachers and staff are busy attending and implementing professional development such as SWIS behavioral data management systems, i-Ready math and reading diagnostic programs, CPR and First Aid certification, EverFi Financial Literacy support, and IXL mathematics intervention. Our School Community Council held their first meeting and they are actively engaged in our school data analysis and planning.  We are looking forward to implementing voluntary enrichment opportunities for proficient students at MES who are interested in challenging themselves academically.  We were especially pleased to have 90+% of our families attend Back to School Night and SEP Conferences this month! We truly appreciate the support of our MES families and the genuine interest they take in their child’s/children’s educational experiences!

While learning fills the inside walls of our current school, steel beams, block walls and heavy equipment are surrounding the outside playground.  The new school construction is moving along right on schedule.  Within a few weeks the exterior walls will be complete.  The steel contractors are finishing the steel structure and framing.  A large “M” in the rafters of the steelwork is visible now representing our school mascot, the “Monticello Buckaroos”!  We are enjoying the cozy arrangements inside our old school, yet we can hardly wait to walk the halls of our new school in just a few short months. Many changes have been made in our existing school to ensure that all needs are met in the current space.   Parking is limited; however, we have created additional parking in a vacant lot to the south of the gym.  All students are sharing the south playground. It is amazing the endless amounts of fun that a couple dump truck loads of sand can bring for students young and old.  

MES staff and students are working towards reaching our SMART Goals every day.  We look forward with anticipation for what learning, lunch and recess will be like in our new school.  It is truly a privilege to work and associate with such a caring, talented and cooperative staff.  From our teachers to our interventionists, to our specialists, aides, lunch workers, secretary, custodians, librarian, parents, and students it is a pleasure to be a part of the MES team!

Julie B. Holt,  MES Principal