Navajo Mountain High
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Navajo Mountain High School was built to serve the children of the Navajo Mountain community in the southwestern tip of San Juan County, Utah.

The Navajo Mountain community, also called Rainbow City, is located in the "Utah Strip" of the Navajo Nation. According to the website for the Navajo Mountain Chapter, "Navajo Mountain Chapter is the most isolated chapter of the entire Navajo Nation." To reach the school and the community one has to turn north off of Navajo Highway 98 about 50 miles southwest of Page, Arizona and drive 40 miles north to where the pavement ends. There, at the end of the pavement, Navajo Mountain Chapter, Navajo Mountain High School, and Naatsis' Aan Community School can be found along with a small clinic run by the Navajo Utah Health System.

The Navajo Mountain community is a very self-sufficient enclave of hardy individuals. The nearest gas station/convenience store is over thirty miles away.