San Juan High School
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Community Council

2017-2018 Trust Land Plan Goals Summary:

1. To pay the salary & benefits for a certified teacher to teach a basic writing class. ($13,744.00)
2. To pay for the publication of the school paper “The Rattler”. ($2,400.00)
3. To purchase equipment/supplies for Pre-Engineering, Band, and Art. ($7,000.00)
4. To pay for AP teacher professional development. ($7,454.00)
5. To decrease the number of freshman students with credit deficiencies by 5% by the end of 4th quarter 2018. ($1,000.00)
6. To purchase classroom technology to support the SJSD technology initiative of 1:1 blended digital learning. ($16,330.00)
7. To hire a full time ACT instructional facilitator. ($18,630.00)
TOTAL: $66,558.00

2017-2018 Meeting Schedule

All meetings are at 5:00 pm in the SJH library.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Wednesday, April, 18, 2018


Bob Peterson                    435-678-1374

Kari Pugh                         435-678-1379

Stuart Shumway               435-678-2217

Layne Nielson                  435-678-2229

Kammy Palmer                435-979-2508

Francine Sam                   970-313-3737

Sylvia Lopez                    435-459-0725

LeeAnn Parker                 435-678-2434

Dalene Redhorse              435-485-0123

Madeline Sampson           435-459-0889

Reesie Fox                        801-361-0870


From 2013 through the 2018 school year, San Juan High School has received approximately $211,000 in state trust lands funding.


Studies have clearly shown that parental involvement is very important to student academic progress and achievement. Parents act as a primary advocate for all children.  By working as a group and understanding the legal responsibilities that lie with the principal, parents ensure the representation of various viewpoints and values within the community. Parent engagement is a key element to student’s achievement and progress. Parents have at least a two-member majority of a school community council, and are often the driving force.  Parents will serve as a chair and may serve as vice-chair.  It is important that parents on the council understand the responsibilities of the council, and are able to collaborate well with the other members of the council to effect meaningful school improvement for all children.


Archives: Past Meeting Agendas and Minutes




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The full plan with how we used that money last year can be located HERE.
The council abides by rules and procedures of order. See a complete list of them HERE.
Refer to the following website to further questions about the School LAND Trust Program:
San Juan High School School Land Trust Program plans: Click here