San Juan High School
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Master Schedule

Graduation Requirements

San Juan High Library

USU-CEU Concurrent Enrollment


AUTO 1000- Introduction to Transportation

BIOL 1010- Biology and The Citizen

CHEM 1010- Introduction to Chemistry

CMST 1020- Public Speaking

ENGL 2200- Understanding Literature

MATH 1060- Trigonometry

NURS 1000- Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

PHYS 1010- Elementary Physics

PSY 1010- Introduction to Psychology

ART 1010- Understanding Art

BUSN 1021- Personal Finance

CJ 1010- Introduction to Criminal Justice

ENGL 1010- Introduction to English

FCHD 1500- Human Development Across the Lifespan

Math 1200- Calculus 1 

NURS 1008- Medical Terminology

POLS 1100- Introduction to American Government

Language Arts



AP Lang. & Comp.

Basic Reading

Business Comm. I

Business Comm. II




Lang. Arts 9

Lang. Arts 9 Honors

Lang. Arts 10               

Lang. Arts 10 Honors

Lang. Arts 11

Lang. Arts 12


Secondary Math I

Secondary Math I Honors

Secondary Math II

Secondary Math II Honors

Secondary Math III

Secondary Math III Honors


STATS 1040

College Algebra


Personal Finance





Foreign Languages

Animal Science I

Adv. Health Science

Ag. Science

Ag. Systems Tech



Earth Systems

Medical Anatomy

& Physiology


Plant & Soil Science I

French I

French II

French III

Spanish I

Spanish II

Spanish III/ IV

Navajo I

Navajo II

Navajo Culture

Navajo Government

Native American
Arts & Humanities


Social Sciences


Physical Education

AP History

Geography for Life

U.S. Government

U.S. History II

World Civilizations


Royals Dance Team

Fitness for Life

Health Ed.

Individual Activities

Participation Skills

Weight Training


Fine Arts


Career & Tech Ed.

Advanced Band

AP Music Theory


Beginning Guitar


Beginning Theater





Ag. Systems Tech. I

Ag. Systems Tech. II

ASE Brakes

ASE Steering

Basic Auto

Business Comm. I & II


Desktop Publishing I & II

Career Development

ASE General Service Tech

Sm. Vehicle Tech I & II




Other Required Classes


Business Management

CAD Mech. I/II

Construction Tech

Desktop Publishing (Yearbook)

Driver's Education

Freshman Mentoring Program (FMP)

Engineering Principles



Peer Tutoring

Teacher's Aid

Release Time


Financial Literacy

Computer Technology