Tse'bii'nidzisgai Elementary
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Trust Lands/School Community Council (SCC)

Utah School LAND Trust

The School LAND Trust program brings tens of millions of dollars annually to academic programs in public schools across Utah. Tsébii'nidzisgai Elementary is one of these schools. An elected school community council (SCC) consisting of parents, teachers, and the principal develop a yearly plan to determine how these funds will be used to improve student academic achievement.  This plan is then approved by the local school board and put into action.

You can learn more about the School Land Trust and the work of School Community Councils at www.schoollandtrust.org. We especially encourage you to look at our school plans and reports, the funding we receive, and information about parent involvement and councils. The School Community Council binder can be found in the main office with copies of meeting minutes, election information, the Trustland Plan, the Title I & School Improvement Plan.


SCC Information

2017-18 SCC Meeting Schedule: SCC meetings will be held in the TES conference room from 6:00-7:00 PM on the following days:

  • October 18
  • November 8
  • December 13
  • January 10
  • February 21
  • March 21
  • April 18

2017-18 SCC Members: Please see contact information below.

Rules of Order

2016-17 SCC Meeting Agendas & Minutes: Please see agendas and minutes for the 2016-17 meetings below.


Month Agenda Minutes
October Agenda Oct 2016 Minutes Oct 2016
November Agenda Nov 2016 Minutes Nov 2016
December Agenda Dec 2016 Minutes Dec 2016

Agenda Jan 2017

Minutes Jan 2017
February Agenda Feb 2017 Minutes Feb 2017
March Agenda March 2017 Minutes March 2017
April Agenda April 2017


2017-18 SCC Meeting Agendas & Minutes: Please see agendas and minutes below.

Month Agenda Minutes
September Agenda (pdf) Minutes (pdf)
October Agenda (pdf) /uploads/File/SCC-minutes-Oct-2017.pdf
November /uploads/File/SCC-Agenda-Nov-2017.pdf /uploads/File/SCC-Minutes-Nov-2017.pdf
December /uploads/File/SCC-Agenda-Dec-2017.pdf /uploads/File/SCC-Minutes-Dec-2017.pdf
January /uploads/File/SCC-Agenda-Jan-2018.pdf /uploads/File/SCC-Minutes-Jan-2018.pdf
February /uploads/File/SCC-AGenda-Feb-2018.pdf /uploads/File/SCC-Minutes-Feb-2017.pdf
March /uploads/File/SCC-Agenda-Mar-2018.pdf