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A Little Good News (January 21-25)

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  • 1/19/13

1. Students, teachers, and staff cooperated with each other during the start of MAP Testing. 64% of the students who took the LA test improved since the fall, 75% improved on the Reading test, and 62% improved on the Science test! Continue to focus on improving . . . go slowly, re-read, look for answers in the text, and make best selections.

2. The focus writing team worked hard to include parent, teacher, student, staff, district, and state feedback in the Focus School Improvement Plan; additional input (tasks and budget items) is needed.

3. Several substitutes worked hard to implement teacher plans and help students accomplish learning goals.

4. The Senior Class enjoyed good attendance and support from senior parents and students. Thank you to the head staff (Edgar Haskan, Brandi John, Mr. Kenneth Joe, Mr. Rick Grant, and Herman Farley) for their services. Thank you to all parents, students, and community members for their participation to help the Senior Class of 2013!

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