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A Little Good News (March 25-29)

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  • 3/23/13

1. We enjoyed hearing and interacting with the First Lady of the Navajo Nation at the start of 4th quarter; seniors seemed energized by the scholarship and financial aid sessions on Wednesday. Thank you to Kester Tapaha and Robin Henderson for organizing these events!

2. Students, teachers, and staff members are becoming accustomed to the new bell schedule; many people enjoyed reading Pecos Bill! Remember to check the intervention list during lunch on Tuesdays.

3. Every day during the first 15 minutes of lunch, a fun activity occurs in the gym; all students not in ZAP or Lunch Detention are invited to attend. We open the Patio for lunch on Fridays.

4. In ALEKS last week, 138 students accomplished at least 3 tasks and 86 students accomplished at least 6 tasks;13 students are very close to the 24 topics and a pizza party! Be sure to use the review questions to solidify your math knowledge and skills. Teachers distribute ALEKS cards after each set of 3 topics (3, 6, 9, 12, etc). This card may be turned into the Front Office during lunch on Thursdays and Fridays.

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