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A Little Good News (March 4-8)

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  • 3/2/13

1. WHS Teachers are beginning to implement some of the techniques shared by Johanna Hoffmeister. Increased Opportunities to Respond, consciously tracking the ratio of postives: correctives, and efforts to improve student engagement will all benefit student learning!

2. Quality substitute teachers helped February 26 go smoothly; thank you to Adrian Dickson, Linda Nakai, Christine Jones, Vicki Benn, Marinda Endischee, April Dan, and Liza Hicks.

3. A committee is working to plan a new learning opportunity called the Senior Capstone Project. This enrichment project will start to take form during 4th quarter.

4. The PBS Party for third quarter is fully planned. In order to enjoy some great entertainment, students must have very few tardies and no referrals for January, February, and March.

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  • Amy Burge March 6, 2013
    WOW!! I love reading about all the great things happening at Whitehorse! Go Raiders! Keep up the progress!

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