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A Little Good News (October 1-5)

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  • 9/29/12

1. At least 228 students enjoyed cool music, free time, and prison ball at the September 90% on time party!

2. Homecoming was a lot of fun! A special thank you to the Student Council, Class Advisors, and Mrs. Benallie for the planning and coordination of various Homecoming events.

3. Helpfulness is on the rise: Students are holding doors, placing trash in trash cans, patiently taking turns at the water fountain, and making an effort to move through the hallways in an orderly fashion.

4. Seventh and eighth graders completed the fourth week of YPP testing. Most students log-in and complete the tests without any teacher assistance. A special thank you to Mrs. Redhouse for consistently providing computers for YPP testing. In addition, test proctors help make YPP testing efficient: Mr. Baldwin, Mrs. Turk, Mr. McClellan, Mrs. Benallie, Mr. Price, and Mrs. Nelson.

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