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A Little Good News (September 10-14)

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  • 9/7/12
  1. Congratulations to our Student Council for 2012-2013: Kenissha Joe (Pres), Edgar Haskan (VP), Dealiva Jay (Sec), and Skyler Madison (Treas).
  2. Thanks to Mr. Knight for setting up the vision screening area, Mr. Baldwin for facilitating the set-up for YPP, Mr. Reynolds for improving the MAP testing schedule, and Ms. Capitan for getting the Picture Day to run efficiently.
  3. The volleyball (coached by Sheryl Baldwin, assisted by Olivia Lansing), football (coached by Collin Jackson, assisted by Aldon Chee), boys’ cross-country (coached by James Lewis), girls’ cross-country (coached by Brook Hansen), jr. high volleyball (coached by Derica Dickson), and jr. high football (coached by Hank Lee) teams have been representing WHS.
  4. Buildyouth.org donated 200 trapper keepers for grades 9-12!
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