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A Little Good News (October 29-November 2)

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  • 10/26/12 |
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Workshop Day at WHS was informative and most students responded positively. Topics included rumors, college opportunities, public display of affection, empowered bystanders, Hozhoji, K’e, and schoolwide procedures. Eighth graders and tenth graders took an ACT Prep test on Friday, October 26. The faculty members involved were patient and flexible; most students were serious and gave their best efforts. Most students, teachers, parents, and future employers value promptness. An increasing number of students get to class before the final bell rings (approximately 84% duri …

A Little Good News (October 22-26)

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  • 10/21/12 |
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1. “Rally Our Raiders” events were well-attended by students, parents, and community members. A big thank you to those who helped, specificially: Gladina & Kirby Yanito, Ophelia Joe, Martin Yellowman, Jasper Barney, Montezuma Creek Fire Department members, Lucinda Slim, Gwendolyn Nakai, Laverne Yellowman, Cornelia Yellowman, Jenny Atcitty, & Connie Todachinnie. 2. Thanks to the High School Cross Country Teams who represented WHS at the State XC Meet. Also, thanks to Tyrell Whitney, Orlando Thompson, Sheldon Blackwater, Rafael Begaye, Warren Yellowman, and Lyndon Sand …

A Little Good News (October 15-19)

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  • 10/12/12 |
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1. Parent involvement is on the rise: Evening events this week were organized by Gladina Yanito and supported by the SCC. 2. Seventh and eighth grade students have learned the routine of taking the YPP test each Thursday during 6th hour. The students also get targeted math intervention through YPP. 3. Members of the Cross Country (XC) team are headed to STATE (October 17): Rafael Begay, Sheldon Saltwater, Tyrell Whitney, Orlando Thompson, Tsoii Hascon, Lyndon Sandoval, Hummingbird Quuna, Tomasina Yellowman, Brandi John, and Dominique Pablito. XC runners are coached by Mr. Lewis and …

A Little Good News (October 8-12)

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  • 10/6/12 |
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1. Most students are moving through the hallways in an orderly fashion; these students move directly from one class to the next while keeping hands and feet to themselves. 2. There are currently 100 students at WHS who have no tardies from September 6 to October 5! 3. Thanks to the faculty, custodians, counseling center staff, front office staff, distance education facilitators, and para-educators for the time and energy devoted to learning about the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program. The knowledge and skills gained in the training session should help to make WHS a safer, and frien …