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A Little Good News (March 25-29)

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  • 3/23/13 |
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1. We enjoyed hearing and interacting with the First Lady of the Navajo Nation at the start of 4th quarter; seniors seemed energized by the scholarship and financial aid sessions on Wednesday. Thank you to Kester Tapaha and Robin Henderson for organizing these events! 2. Students, teachers, and staff members are becoming accustomed to the new bell schedule; many people enjoyed reading Pecos Bill! Remember to check the intervention list during lunch on Tuesdays. 3. Every day during the first 15 minutes of lunch, a fun activity occurs in the gym; all students not in ZAP or Lunch Deten …

A Little Good News (March 18-22)

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  • 3/9/13 |
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1. Congratulations to 126 students with ZERO tardies for all of 3rd quarter! Thank you for your efforts to be prompt to every class, every day. 2. Almost every 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th grader completed the initial ALEKS assessment; almost 10 people have started to accomplish topics. 3. Congratulations to the Teacher of the Quarter, Matt Baldwin; the Employee of the Quarter, Mike Chiquito; and the Student of the Quarter, Tondra Benn. 4. Our students did very well in Price at the Sterling Scholar competition. Nizhoni, Kristin and Brandi did a great job in their interviews and with …

A Little Good News (March 4-8)

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  • 3/2/13 |
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1. WHS Teachers are beginning to implement some of the techniques shared by Johanna Hoffmeister. Increased Opportunities to Respond, consciously tracking the ratio of postives: correctives, and efforts to improve student engagement will all benefit student learning! 2. Quality substitute teachers helped February 26 go smoothly; thank you to Adrian Dickson, Linda Nakai, Christine Jones, Vicki Benn, Marinda Endischee, April Dan, and Liza Hicks. 3. A committee is working to plan a new learning opportunity called the Senior Capstone Project. This enrichment project will start to take fo …