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Together We Can (May 20-23)

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  • 5/18/13 |
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1. Spring testing went smoothly thanks to cooperative students and very helpful teachers and staff. Good progress was noted on the increase of RIT scores in Science: 87% of 7th graders, 70% of 8th graders, 98% of 9th graders, and 81% of 10th graders. 2. The 7th grade class had the highest percentage (89%) of students with improved Math RIT scores; the 9th grade class had the highest percentage (76%) improved for Language Usage; and the 11th grade had the highest percentage (66%) improved for Reading. 3. Sixty-five 8th graders will promote on Tuesday, May 21, at 6 pm! Congratulations …

Together We Can (May 13-17)

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  • 5/11/13 |
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1. Many students improved their RIT score from January; this was especially true of 7th and 10th grade students in Math. 2. About 55 members of the WHS Staff attended the Appreciation Dinner; each bus driver, kitchen staff, front office staff, paraprofessional, custodial staff, groundskeeper, support staff, and teacher was recognized for his or her efforts to contribute to our WHS Team! Thanks again for all you do. 3. Thirty-seven seniors are graduating on May 25! The Senior Banquet was well-attended and several seniors earned scholarships / recognitions. Congratulations to ALL pare …

A Little Good News (May 6-10)

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  • 5/4/13 |
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1. The Music Program, including the 7th grade and 8th grade bands, percussion ensemble, Band 3 and soloists, performed for over 100 audience members on April 30. 2. It is Teacher Appreciation Week; please take time to thank the teachers who make a difference! 3. There are 197 students enrolled in an ALEKS class. Currently, 78% earned at least one pizza party (24 topics mastered) and 11% earned at least three pizza parties (72 topics mastered)! 4. This is an exciting week as Spring Testing begins . . . a great opportunity to find out what youth have learned throughout the year an …