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Together We Can (September 30-October 4)

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  • 9/28/13 |
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Homecoming Week was a blast – from pushups & tug-o-war to watermelon busting & relays, the activities during extended lunch involved lots of students & teachers. Flag football was entertaining, especially with Alex Hathale, Kyle Benally, & Michael Keith cheering! The floats captured the interest of community supporters; shouting cheers at the game was awesome & the royalty looked stunning. Pep Rally is one to remember for sure! 2. People are using the hotline to stop bullying: 1.435.879.3645. It is time we use our growing Raider Pride to make our school s …

Together We Can (September 16-20)

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  • 9/14/13 |
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1. We learned some useful teaching techniques from our school consultant, Johanna Hofmeister. Thanks to Linda Whitehead, Scott Toomey, Julie Castellon, Charlotte Morris, Robert Hall, and Rebecca Blue for volunteering to teach lessons for other teachers to observe. This process allows us to improve the quality of learning experiences for students! 2. The level of student participation in classrooms is increasing; this means deeper learning is starting to occur. 3. Almost everyone has completed the initial ALEKS assessment and earned several ALEKS cards. Remember to get 1 ALEKS card f …

Together We Can (September 9-13)

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  • 9/7/13 |
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Thanks to Mike Chiquito, Rob Henderson, and Alvin Lee for setting up the tables & computers in the Reading / Writing Lab. This professional learning environment will help students to focus on learning all that is possible. 2. Most students are moving directly to class; this keeps the hallways from getting jumbled. In addition, students are walking on the right! 3. Student Council Members and the Social Committee Teachers made Homecoming plans in a timely manner so classes can get organized early. Remember the theme is “Rise of the Raiders!” 4. Most students …

Together We Can (September 3-6)

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Students and staff are moving directly to the next class and walking on the right. More teachers are at the classroom door to welcome students to class, especially in the morning.   2. Most students are logging off the computers after each use; most students correctly shut down when it is the end of the day. We are excited for the new lab tables (assembled by Mike) to get installed in the Reading / Writing Lab!   3. After school athletes are reporting to the Gym by 3:15 pm; students planning to attend the Afternoon Academy or other After School Classes / Prog …