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Together We Can (December 16-20)

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  • Posted by: Kim Schaefer |
  • 12/14/13

1. Family Literacy Night was well-attended; only 3 books were left! Thank you to Robert Hall, Tyler Price, Linda Whitehead, Matt Baldwin, Scott Toomey, and John Fahey for making this family event occur and thank you to the parent(s) / guardian(s) who attended with young people.

2. Teachers and parent(s) / guardian(s) are communicating directly through email; parents report a quick response with helpful tips in working with the young person to complete and return assignments OR provide challenging learning experiences through the home. The Front Office is conducting an email drive in order to involve more parent(s) / guardian(s) in direct participation with education.

3. The members of Band, Choir, Wrestlers, Girls’ Basketball, and Boys’ Basketball teams have been representing WHS with hard work.

4. As we prepare to take Final Exams (Monday, December 16, through Wednesday, December 17), almost every door is decorated for the spirit of the Holidays and the coming new year!

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