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Together We Can (December 2-6)

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  • Posted by: Kim Schaefer |
  • 12/1/13
  1. The Booster Group is meeting on December 3 to begin to determine priorities; the group will support School Improvement initiatives and facilitate greater student, parent, & teacher involvement.

2. The local PLC for Language Arts is working to plan a fun Family Literacy Night focused on stories from or about Africa. Please plan to join us on Tuesday, December 10, at 5-7 pm in the WHS Library.

3. As positives are noted, positives increase and the positive: corrective ratio is approaching the level recommended by research. Thank you to our consultant for heightening teacher awareness and to our teachers for the extra effort and continued attention!

4. Seventh graders are sponsoring a Penny War for all classes throughout the school days of December. All proceeds will be donated to benefit elders. Each class will have a can in the office for donations. All pennies count towards the class, but any “silver” money counts against the class. Let’s see which class can donate the most!

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