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Together We Can (January 2-3)

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  • Posted by: Kim Schaefer |
  • 12/21/13

1. Many students were recognized during the 2nd Quarter Awards Assembly; thank you to the band

members (and Ms. Tolman) & the drama class (and Mrs. Whitehead) for the entertainment.

2. A growing number of WHS students are remaining referral-free; the PBS Party for no referrals included a game of dodgeball, candy, music, hanging out with friends, and drawing for cool prizes. We hope to see every student at the PBS Party for no referrals near the end of 3rd quarter. The new year is a great time to set this type of goal!

3. Lots of opportunities (clubs / groups) exist for students after school. In addition, academic tutoring is available and each teacher is available to students at least one after noon each week. Access these FREE resources at the beginning of the quarter in order to pass all classes and maintain a higher GPA.

4. Thank you to Montezuma Well Service for the t-shirts and other Raider Pride items! Thank you to the WHS Booster Group for sponsoring a well-attended Festival of Lights!

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