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Together We Can (October 14-17)

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  • Posted by: Kim Schaefer |
  • 10/12/13
  1. Senior Football Players and parents were recognized at the final home game. Thanks &

congratulations to Branden Lansing, Sean Yazzie, Konami Mike, Sheldon Saltclah, Cedale Armstrong, & Ty Charley!

2. Many students are earning ALEKS tickets on a consistent basis because 3 topics mastered = 1 ALEKS ticket. One great thing about ALEKS is that young people get to learn math at their own pace.

3. The Girls’ Volleyball team went for 3 solid wins versus Green River, Monument Valley, and Pinnicle High Schools. The girls worked as a team to win 3 straight matches against each school.

4. Teachers continue to increase opportunities to respond in the classroom; the strategies used help young people think about academic content and learn at a deeper level.

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